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Toothfairy Heirloom Keepsake Book
Hello, and thank you for your time, I would like to share with you a Keepsake holder book that I have created to display baby teeth as the child loses them. This Keepsake is a box formed in a hard back story book. On the inside, it displays on the left a poem regarding the Tooth fairy and child. On the right side is a diagram showing the graphical representations and dental terminology that corresponds with your child's twenty baby teeth. There are date entry lines for filling in the dates that a child's baby teeth fall out. As the teeth fall out, you poke a hole in the correct location where the tooth has fallen out on the diagram. Then, add a little bit of water base glue, push the baby tooth in to display the teeth, and remember them the way they were in your child's mouth. It will be a heirloom collectable for any Parent, Grand parent or Guardian. What a Keepsake!! The dimensions of the book; 8"x5.5" x2" Website: Please contact us for further information. Thanks for your time. We also drop ship. Best Regards, Kristin Del Castillo 760-644-1119
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