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Lila Handmade traditional ralli quilts
The Asian handicrafts and tribal textiles are popular through out the world due to their fantastic traditional look and original art. We are producing handmade traditional ralli quilts of desert Tharparker, Pakistan. These ralli quilts are made by the local women quilt artisans from the various villages of desert Tharparker. Mrs. Patricia Stoddard, the American lady a ralli quilt expert, book writer on “Ralli Quilts” represents our traditional handmade ralli quilts at International folk art market, Santa Fe, New Mexico every year. You can find her at Santa Fe in July this year for personally taking a look on our products or contact her on We represent a group of village quilters, which make the rallis. Some of the ralli quilts Our made are on exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada please check the link for looking beautiful patchwork quilt (PS. Visit our website we think some of our artisans handcrafted ethnic quilts could of interest for you.)
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