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Taps, Dies, Drills, Reamers, Cutters
Manufacturer/supplier TAPS DIES BOXED SETS every type/size: BSW/BSF UNC/UNF Metric, 0BA to 10BA, BSB, Model Eng 32tpi & 40tpi , METP/MTP, Cycle 26tpi, BSP/BSPT/NPT for over 30 years SAMEDAY worldwide despatch, Bankcard payments. Also: Drills (standard, stubdrills, longdrills, drillblanks, MTS, masonary, cobaltdrills, taperpindrills), Reamers (standard, longreamers, MTS, taperpinreamers), Milling Cutters (endmills, slotdrills, involutegearcutters, concave/convex cutters, toolbits), Slitting Saws - SAMEDAY World despatch for over 30 years with Bankcard payment
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