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t4tot hidethatspot
Toddlers will be, well - toddlers! Spots & stains on your child’s clothing are inevitable. Every mum or dad has sifted through the clean washing to look for something for his or her child to wear, only to find perfectly good clothes marked or not suitable for use outside the home. t4tot - hidethatspot transfers were created for just such a problem. Fresh, fun, and contemporary. t4tot - hidethatspot are the new, original and easy to use iron-on transfers, which hide those spots n’ stains. Affordable & easy to apply, these durable transfers create a fun look your little one will just love. A great way to refresh those hand-me-downs being passed on to the next little one. t4tot - hidethatspot transfers are the perfect gift idea for family and friends - practical, cute and will save them money and time!
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