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Go Anywhere Mobile Welders
Ever find yourself away from your workshop wishing you had a thousand pound, five thousand dollar welder with you? Believe it, or not, thanks to new patented technology, you can have a welder just as powerful and reliable as that large pro rig installed, out of sight, in a vehicle engine compartment, with no loss of useful payload -- or attached to a small engine! A Tennessee company, ZENA, Inc. makes these ultra compact DC arc welders which are designed to be attached to, and driven by, most engines -- including heavy equipment and vehicle engines. ZENA welders come in various sizes, but the most popular models (for vehicle installation and field repair) are their 150 and 200 amp. units -- each of which weigh less than 50 lbs., take up less than a cubic foot of engine compartment space, and cost less than $1,000! All ZENA welders are 100% duty cycle, come with a three year warranty and, best of all, are made in the U.S.A. Check out their web site -- -- or phone 877-936-2462, toll free in the US -- or 615-897-2011.
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