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Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin, Ltd
Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin, Ltd. is a thriving private Wisconsin hardwood lumber company offering mail order hardwoods and retail hardwoods. Our priority is customer satisfaction. Badger Hardwoods offers reasonable pricing on quality hardwoods. Our quality hardwoods include: aromatic cedar, ash wood, aspen wood, basswood, white birch lumber, butternut, cherry wood, genuine mahogany, hickory wood, hard maple, soft maple, northern white pine, padauk, poplar, red oak, red elm, spanish cedar, quarter-sawn oak, walnut and white oak. Badger Hardwoods provides quality hardwood lumber at reasonable prices. The economical Bulk Pack is a favorite of many woodworkers. This inexpensive bundle of lumber is quality, defect free hardwood lumber chosen in random widths and lengths by Badger Hardwoods. It is available in the following hardwood species: ash, butternut, cherry, hard maple, hickory, red elm, red oak, walnut, and white oak. Hardwood plywood is also available through Badger Hardwoods. Woodworkers can choose from aromatic cedar, ash, cherry, hard maple (white), hickory, genuine mahogany, knotty pine, red oak, Spanish cedar, walnut, white oak, and Baltic birch. Hardwood plywood provides the necessary framework in crafting cabinets and other furniture or woodworking projects. Often, woodworkers who have purchased Badger Hardwood's quality hardwood lumber have sent us a picture of their finished woodworking projects. Several woodworking projects can be previewed in our gallery , others are on display at the Badger Hardwoods home office. Our store hours are 8:00am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00am to 12:00pm Saturday.
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