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Michael Haase Artist Blacksmith and Metaldesigner
I am a blacksmith but I donīt shoe horses I even do not forge all the time, I am working metal. Pretentious design, done for You and if You demand it, with You, executed with the proper craftmanship, is my concern. By means of the traditional craft and modern technology all kind of metalwork comes into being in my workshop. There are no limitations by a prduct catalogue, the extraordinary is my standard. Usually I am working mild steel,Copper,Brass and Bronce, more rarely stainless steel,Zinc and the other metals. These metals I turn into GRILLS, Replications, Staircases, GATES, Fire place tools, RAILINGS, Sculptures,Lamps, GRAVESIGNS, Fences, Furniture, Shop signs, Candle holders, RADIATORS, Fountains, Weathervanes, Jewelry, LETTERBOXES, Doors, restorations, Doorbells, Flag pole holders, Windows,.... All these products I do realise for a certain person ----- for YOU; To create something unique , I show an interest in Your ideas and take into account where the finished piece is going to be at home. If necessary I will team up with other craftspeople as wood turners,founders,glaziers, stonemasons,garden designers,etc. and by this means increase the bandwidth of my designing possibilities. Doing it this way,every order can be new and inspiring,through the development of first talks, site visits,sketches and model to the finally performed piece. You are warmly invited to take part in this process,in the development of the design, as well as being a guest in the workshop. Yours Michael Haase
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