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Frames by Dangee
Hello everyone! I am posting an announcement that will benefit all wood burning Artists. I wanted to make affordable frames just for (Pyrographers) Wood Burners I know how hard it is to have to price your work and then also include the price of the wood and frame on top of that. My frames come with the wood you can burn on so the price you pay for both makes it easy to add the price you want from your artwork. The wood used to burn on is Birch, Oak, and Aspen. I'd also like to mention that I will take custom orders also. If you happen to have a burning that is not the conventional size for a frame just give me your exact measurements and I will build a frame for you. Send me a picture of your work and I will help you pick out a frame that compliments it and send you pictures back so you can see how it looks. If you just want the frames and not the wood that is fine, too! Here is my website to see all the frames.... Thank you..."Keep burning and learning"...hugs...Dannie
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